• October 18, 2023

IN MOTION | September 2023


Welcome to the September newsletter! This edition has some exciting updates: the introduction of the Orca-6 LITE by Iris Dynamics, a game-changer in the Orca Series lineup at 50% the price of a standard Orca-6, and a strategic partnership between Iris Dynamics and Motion Express to revolutionize industrial automation. Read on to discover how these developments can elevate your operations to new heights!



Introducing the New Orca-6 LITE

New Orca-6 Lite

Introducing the Orca-6 LITE as the latest addition to its Orca Series lineup. The Orca-6 LITE is 50% the price of the standard Orca-6 motor while maintaining the same sensitivity, silence, and high-speed precision performance as the rest of Iris’s force-controlled linear actuator lineup.



Iris Dynamics and Motion Express Collaborate to Advance Industrial Automation


Iris Dynamics Ltd and Motion Express are pleased to announce their strategic partnership, aimed at introducing innovation to the industrial automation sector. By leveraging Iris Dynamics' robust force-controlled linear motors alongside Motion Express' proficiency in automation solutions, the collaboration aims to enhance efficiency and precision across various industries.

Motion Express, a prominent Automation Solutions Provider in the Rocky Mountain Region, has become the exclusive sales representative for Iris Dynamics' Orca Series linear motors and motion platform kits in Colorado, Arizona, Utah, and New Mexico.

The partnership between Iris Dynamics and Motion Express aims to revolutionize industrial automation by amalgamating state-of-the-art force-controlled linear motors with expert automation solutions. Together, they are dedicated to enhancing efficiency and precision in industries that demand top-tier performance.