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IO SmartHub™: Digital & Analog Made Easy

The Orca IO SmartHub™ simplifies controlling Orca Series motors with bidirectional analog + digital

How fast is an Orca: Max Speed explained

In motion control applications, the maximum speeds of Linear Actuators are often a critical design

Orca Series | Easily Integrate with Matlab and Labview

Orca Series motors are designed for straightforward integration into testing and measurement

Linear Motion Solutions For Your Industry


Industrial Automation

Discover how easy it is to launch your factory into Industry 4.0 with Orca Series Linear Motors.

VR Training & Entertainment

See why Orca Series Linear Motors are ideal for human-machine interaction.

testing and measurement system demonstration with mattress.

Testing and Measurement

Watch how the Orca Series fully integrated suite of sensors provides real-time feedback in position and force output.
Aerospace and defense applications of smart linear Orca Series motors.

Aerospace and Defense

Learn why the Orca Series motor is uniquely suited for demanding aerospace, marine, and land defense projects.

What is a smart linear motor?

Diagram of the Smart Linear Motor Orca Series, highlighting features such as an Integrated Motor Driver IP68 with sensing capabilities, a shielded IP68 cable gland with flying leads, replaceable Igus Iglidur lubrication-free bushings, a threaded shaft end, a polished stainless steel shaft, and a 4Phase Air Core Stator for rapid and smooth operations.

Iris Dynamics Smart Linear Motors provide simplicity without sacrificing performance. 

These motors combine drivers, controllers, and sensors, with simplified wiring and mechanical mounting points to make traditionally difficult tasks like retrofitting pneumatic cylinders, remotely force-linking controls, or collecting  and controlling force and motion data simple. 

Orca Smart Linear Motors have patented cog-less magnetic construction to provide customers with a firm advantage  in time to market and machine performance every time they use Orca Series. 

Our motors can be found in a wide range of applications where:

  • Wiring, programming, and system simplicity is important.
  • Fast and highly controlled motion is required.
  • Touch and collision events are important.
  • Force needs to be accurately and repeatably monitored or applied.
  • People are interacting with a machine.
  • Remote or virtual vehicles or machines are being controlled.
  • A robust and trusted linear actuator is needed. 

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How-To Increase Linear Motor Efficiency With Increased Phase Counts

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Smart Linear Motors: Explained

The electric motor transforms electrical energy into kinetic energy which has been one of the most