• September 19, 2023

Introducing the New Orca-6 LITE!

Iris Dynamics Expands Its Orca Series Smart Linear Motor Lineup

Iris Dynamics Ltd, a leader in fully integrated linear electric motors, is pleased to introduce the Orca-6 LITE as the latest addition to its Orca Series lineup. The Orca-6 LITE offers a competitively priced lower force option while maintaining the same sensitivity, silence, and high-speed precision performance as the rest of Iris’s force-controlled linear actuator lineup.

About Iris Dynamics and the Orca Series

Located in Victoria, British Columbia, Iris Dynamics specializes in advanced linear electric motors/actuators utilized across industries such as aerospace, mining, robotics, manufacturing, and VR/AR training. The Orca Series motors are recognized for their fully back-drivable force-controlled/sensing design, emphasizing efficiency, precision, and durability. Unlike traditional force sensing linear actuators that rely on external load cells (force sensors), the Orca Series linear motors employ a novel motor driver technology that includes an integrated feed-forward force controller. This means they are fully compliant/back-drivable with zero torque ripple, eliminating the need for delicate and expensive external equipment.

Through a fully integrated, and encapsulated (waterproof) four-phase electronics package, the Orca Series motors apply the Lorentz force to permanent magnets. This results in a solid state single-moving-part design that requires minimal maintenance. These motors offer extremely low latency precision movements with integrated force sensing & control. They rank among the fastest linear actuators in their size class, are waterproof (IP68), and are some of the quietest linear actuators available today with <20dBA noise levels.

Introducing Orca-6 LITE

Orca6 LITE Still (b&w)


Orca-6 LITE broadens the Orca Series lineup by offering both lower force and cost options, while still adhering to Iris Dynamics' rigorous sensitivity and performance standards. This expansion increases the range of applications benefiting from the unique capabilities of the Orca Series.

Why Choose Iris Dynamics' Orca Motors?

  • Force Controlled: Motors exert and report specific forces, eliminating the need for external sensors, drivers, or controllers, thereby enabling faster control loop times, more compact installations, and quicker design/integration times—ideal for compliant robotics.
  • Durability: Orca Series motors are fully waterproof (IP68) and consistently operate in adverse conditions.
  • All-in-One Design: Integrated sensing, drivers, and logic ensure swift implementation.
  • Smooth Force Feedback: Zero cogging force ensures seamless compliance and back-drivability, suitable for applications ranging from delicate lab testing to force controlled HMI (Human Machine Interfaces) and even to the challenges of outdoor, mud-covered production environments.
  • Easy Installation: Operate at low voltage 12-60V DC, ideal for both AC mains and vehicle-mounted mobile robotic applications (perfect for battery-powered deployments).
  • Safety: Motors that can sense and control force output can detect collisions, log insertion/retraction force data, and even enable integrators to monitor changes in mechanical linkage backlash over time, offering options to flag stations for preventative maintenance checks.
  • Silent Actuation: Among the quietest motors available with a <20dBA noise level. With the right mounting, isolation, and motion profiles, Orca Series motors can operate in near silence, making them suitable even for acoustic testing of products.
  • High Performance: A unique fully integrated four-phase geometry ensures both high efficiency and rapid, precise force control.
  • Connectivity: Motors can be controlled via an optional analog interface that offers multiple programmable 4-20mA analog and digital I/Os, all of which are fully bidirectional. They can be interfaced with industrial PLCs, operated as fully standalone units, or controlled via RS485 & RS422 over Modbus. They can also plug directly into USB with serial streams to our included Windows GUI & SDK.
  • Control: Motors can follow direct PID commands from an external source or operate with integrated PIDs for both position (kinematics) and force feedback (haptics) control profiles. They can integrate with existing PLC systems, be controlled directly from pneumatic control signals (for retrofit applications), or be controlled over USB from software packages like MatLAB, Labview, Simulink, Unreal, Unity, etc.

By consistently leading in technological advancements, Iris Dynamics continually redefines the linear motor industry, serving the diverse needs of various sectors.

For more details about the Orca-6 LITE and other Orca Series products, visit the Iris Dynamics website: www.irisdynamics.com.

Contact Information:

Website:  irisdynamics.com
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