Orca Series Linear Motor Datasheet [PDF]

IO SmartHub Datasheet [PDF]

Raven Fact Sheet [PDF]

Engineering Drawings

Orca Series General Dimensions [PDF]

CAD Files

Orca-6 CAD [STEP]

Orca-15 CAD [STEP]

Raven-6DoF Reference CAD [STEP]

Reference Manuals

Orca Series Reference Manual (RM220115)[PDF]

Raven-6DoF Reference Manual (RM211112)[PDF]

User Guides

Orca Series Motors - General

Orca Series Quickstart Guide (UG220206)[PDF]

Orca Series Motors - MODBUS Interface

Orca Series Modbus RTU User Guide (UG210912)[PDF]

Orca Series Modbus RTU Using a PLC(UG230503)[PDF]

Orca Series Modbus RTU with LabVIEW (UG230713)[PDF]

Orca Series Modbus RTU with MATLAB (UG230704)[PDF]

-- (Orca MATLAB Repository[Github])

Orca Series Modbus RTU using Half-Duplex RS485 (UG230323)[PDF]

Orca Series Motors - IO SmartHub

Orca IO SmartHub (formally Orca Analog Interface)(UG230424)[PDF]

Orca IO SmartHub Quickstart Guide (UG240703)[PDF]

Orca Series Motors - Software Development Kit

UG211201 - IrisSDK Orca API [PDF]


RavenAPI User Guide (UG221122)[PDF]

Raven Pneumatic System User Guide (UG230413)[PDF]

Application Information

OAC230703 - Orca Application Curves Travel & Cycle Times [PDF]



A Windows application that facilities communication to our motors and motion platforms.

* IrisControls

Custom Development

A set of libraries, tutorials, and examples for integrating Orca Series motors into existing software infrastructure. 

* Iris Software Development Kit (SDK) for Windows [PDF]

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