• September 19, 2023

Iris Dynamics and Motion Express Collaborate

Iris Dynamics Ltd and Motion Express are pleased to announce their strategic partnership, aimed at introducing innovation to the industrial automation sector. By leveraging Iris Dynamics' robust force-controlled linear motors alongside Motion Express' proficiency in automation solutions, the collaboration aims to enhance efficiency and precision across various industries.

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Iris Dynamics: Leading in Force-Controlled Linear Motors

Iris Dynamics, headquartered in Victoria, British Columbia, specializes in compliant force-controlled linear electric motors utilized in aerospace, mining, manufacturing, and simulation-based training (AR/VR). Their motors stand out for their rapid response to external forces, ensuring reliable and precise position, speed, and, most importantly, fully back drivable force control. The Orca Series motors, equipped with fully integrated drivers, controllers, and sensors, are waterproof (IP68), offering exceptional durability, frequency response, efficiency, and low latency due to their integrated 4-phase motor drive technology. These motors incorporate force sensing, eliminating the need for separate load cells, and excel in various environments, including zero cogging backdriven applications. They require no external sensors, amplifiers, motor drivers, or controllers. They are also an excellent choice for replacing transition actuators like pneumatic cylinders. 

Motion Express: Your Automation Solutions Partner

Motion Express, a prominent Automation Solutions Provider in the Rocky Mountain Region, has become the exclusive sales representative for Iris Dynamics' Orca Series linear motors and motion platform kits in Colorado, Arizona, Utah, and New Mexico. With a skilled engineering team, Motion Express delivers customized automation solutions to sectors such as manufacturing, healthcare, aerospace, and oil and gas.

Motion Express provides services encompassing product selection, custom subassemblies, system integration, kitting services, technical training, and programming. Through collaborations with OEMs, Machine Builders, Integrators, and End-Users, Motion Express ensures the streamlined implementation of automation solutions.

Advancing Industrial Automation Together

The partnership between Iris Dynamics and Motion Express aims to revolutionize industrial automation by amalgamating state-of-the-art force-controlled linear motors with expert automation solutions. Together, they are dedicated to enhancing efficiency and precision in industries that demand top-tier performance.

For further information about Iris Dynamics' Orca Series linear motors and Motion Express' automation solutions, please visit their respective websites.

Contact Information:

Iris Dynamics Ltd. Website: irisdynamics.com  Email: info@irisdynamics.com

Motion Express Website: motionexpressinc.com Email: info@motionexpressinc.com

Editor's Note: This press release contains forward-looking statements regarding the collaboration between Iris Dynamics Ltd. and Motion Express Inc. Actual results may differ from the statements provided. For more information about their products and services, please refer to the companies' websites.