• October 18, 2023

IN MOTION | November 2022

Why is 4 Phase Design Better?

Graph of power draw vs. phase count

One of the unique features that makes Orca Series motors different from other linear motors is our 4 phase design. This month, our CTO, Kyle Hagen, discusses the benefits of a 4 phase design, and the kinds of applications that are well suited to 4 phase motors.

Read the white paper on our website here.



Diving Into Magnetic Force Feedback

Render highlighting the components of an Orca Series motor

Last month we discussed force feedback, how it works, and the industries utilizing it today. This month we dive a little deeper into magnetic force feedback, the next evolution of force feedback control being developed by Iris Dynamics. We discuss how magnetic force feedback works, its advantages, and applications. 

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Victoria Tech Community Awards 2022

Iris Dynamics is pleased to announce that we are finalists for the 2022 Victoria Tech Community Awards in two categories: Employer of the Year and Product of the Year for the Orca Series. 

These awards recognize achievements and innovation in our technology community, a community we are honoured to be a part of.