• January 9, 2018

Iris Announces New Tech for Force-Feedback Joysticks and Actuators

CES®, LAS VEGAS, NV. – January 9, 2018 – Iris Dynamics today announced its licensing program for the underlying technology powering its revolutionary force-feedback joystick and linear actuators, as demonstated at CES.

The force-feedback joysticks and linear actuators are powered by Magknetix™. Magknetix™ removes the complex and failure-prone mechanics used in traditional joysticks and linear actuators and uses computed magnetic fields instead. Device components silently glide along these magnetic fields which are controlled by real time 3D advanced-physics field generation software. This innovation means almost zero maintenance, drastically lower risk of failure, completely silent operation and the ability to add special effects with software.

Consumer force-feedback joysticks haven’t been in production for the better part of a decade. Given the advancements in augmented and virtual reality in the past ten years, Iris Dynamics feels there is a significant gap that needs to be filled. “Our customers have told us that the illusion of VR is broken when the physical feedback doesn’t agree with the visual experience. They want high fidelity force-feedback controls” says Patrick McFadden, CEO. “We’ve received the message loud and clear. We know our joystick and actuator technology will not only fill the market gap, but provide an enhanced user experience.”

For example, Iris Dynamic’s latest high-power technology demonstrates capabilities never experienced before. Entirely within software, you can emulate gear-shifting with a variety of tactile and haptic effects, such as shift gate h-pattern, engine RPM, clutching, dead-stops, vibrations, springing, damping, pulsating, scraping, road vibrations… only limited by the creativity of the game developer.

All of this breakthrough technology is available with favorable terms for licensing to consumer product OEMs for integration into gaming platforms and peripherals. Details will be revealed at the show to qualified partners.

We invite you to feel the power of Magknetix™ technology for yourself. Iris Dynamics’ force-feedback joysticks and linear actuators will make their debut at CES® in Las Vegas from January 9-12, 2018. Visit booth 51715, Eureka Park, Sands Hall G, Tech West for a hands-on demonstration.