• April 21, 2017

Finalist for the 2017 Annual VIATEC Technology Awards

Iris Dynamics, Ltd. is honored and excited to be selected as a finalist for the 16th Annual VIATEC Technology Awards. The awards celebrate the achievements of technology companies responsible for making Greater Victoria the fastest growing technology region in British Columbia, and to recognize the leaders, creators and innovators that have driven the local tech sector.

Awards are given in twelve categories and Iris Dynamics has been nominated for two separate categories for the 2017 VIATEC Technology Awards: Innovative Excellence (Hardware) and Technology Company of the Year (under 10 employees).

Iris Dynamics, Ltd has invented an innovative magnetic force manipulation technology that is used to make force-feedback joysticks, yoke controllers, and other devices for virtual reality, simulation, and remote-control. Similar in concept to magnetic levitation trains, the main component of an Iris Dynamics device glides along programmable magnetic fields, thus eliminating friction while providing haptic user feedback.

We are thrilled to receive this recognition and look forward to further successes – the best is yet to come! Kudos to our employees and many thanks to VIATEC for being a powerful catalyst in the Victoria tech scene.