• May 23, 2017

Introducing the World’s First Magnetic Force Feedback Joystick

Victoria, BC (PRWEB)May 23, 2017

This new style of joystick is beautiful in its simplicity. With just one moving part, it removes the mechanics used by traditional joysticks. The main moving component of the device silently glides along programmable magnetic fields (similar to magnetic levitation trains). It is completely silent with no mechanical noise. With its functions being done in software, there is zero maintenance, and drastically less risk of failure. Through highly customizable effects, the user gains an ultra-realistic and interactive experience.

The Iris Magnetic Suspension Joystick can be programmed to provide the user a wide array of tactile experiences and force effects, such as: vibrations, rumble, ramps, soft stops, sticking, slipping, springing, friction, inertia, damping, shaking, bouncing, pulsating, bumps, warbles, wind-shear, jerking, rattling, jolts, abrupt stops, viscosity, clunking, clicking, scraping, skipping, gear shifting, torque control, and a variety of other physical forces to increase situational awareness. The possibilities are many.

“Imagine a joystick that lets you feel a variety of forces and sensations,” says Patrick McFadden, CEO of Iris Dynamics. “Everyone focuses on the visual, but you also need the feel and that’s where the weak link was – until now. The ability to directly feel through a joystick how a device is responding to its environment is a game changer.”

The Iris Dynamics Magnetic Suspension Joystick is the ideal controller technology for virtual reality systems, advanced video games, aerospace and defense, simulation and training systems, remote control, heavy equipment, drone (UAV) operation, robotics/mechatronics, submersibles, and many other applications.

Iris Dynamics is actively seeking industry partners worldwide to advance this technology.