Using the Force (Feedback)

One of the distinct features that sets Iris Dynamics motors apart from others available in the marketplace today is our integrated force measurement. Every OrcaTM Series motor is capable of force feedback, a feature commonly utilized in aerospace, robotics and measurement applications. 

Not familiar with force feedback? Read more about it on our website here.



Thank You from Motek 2022

Joerg Clement (left) and Kyle Hagen (right) at Motek 2022.


Thank you to everyone who visited our booth at Motek 2022. We enjoyed the opportunity to showcase our motors, and discuss how they can best support your applications. 

If you missed us at Motek, learn more about the applications we showcased here



10 Years of Iris Dynamics

Iris Dynamics Dragonfly Yoke: A Force Feedback Controller

In September Iris Dynamics celebrated 10 years of being in business. We began by designing and manufacturing force feedback controllers, which were primarily used in flight simulation. We recognized that our four phase design could be used for applications outside of the aerospace industry, and began investing in our OrcaTM Series linear motors. Over the years we’ve had the opportunity to support amazing clients with fascinating projects. We are looking forward to the next 10 years, and beyond!