• October 18, 2023

IN MOTION | June 2023

Recap: Automate 2023 In Detroit

The Iris Dynamics booth at Automate 2023, May 2023 in Detroit.

We have some exciting news to share! We recently attended the Automate 2023 show in Detroit, and we had a great time talking to our industry partners with whom we've been collaborating on some game-changing new applications. 


Just How Rugged is a Smart Linear Motor?

A few weeks ago the Iris Dynamics team set out to demonstrate the ruggedness of an Orca Series smart linear motor. The end result? We threw an Orca Series motor in the ocean... and it worked perfectly! We're proud of the end results and think this short video will speak for itself.

How-to Avoid Cybersickness (Explainer)

We also released a video on cybersickness in VR - common causes and how the Raven-6DoF VR Development Kit effectively combats cybersickness by design.

Watch the short video below to see how:


We look forward to continuing to provide more updates and insights as we move forward with new product and software developments in the pipeline over the next month.  And if you have an upcoming VR design or potential smart linear motor application you'd like to ask us questions about, we're here to help!


Thank you for being part of this journey with us!


The Iris Dynamics Team