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Motion Profiles Are Programmed on the Motor Itself

The Orca Series Product Highlights

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Unlock New Potential With Smarter Motors

Our Orca Series Linear Motors will launch your factory into Industry 4.0 with their fully integrated suite of sensors and smart programmable capabilities. Our efficient, four-phase motor geometry saves you money.

All our motors are 100% electric and require little to no servicing. Say goodbye to expensive pneumatic compression and conditioning systems!

Orca Series Highlights

  • Fully Integrated Sensing and Drivers
  • Smart, Programmable Motion Profiles
  • Force Control
  • MODBUS Interface over RS485
  • Single Moving Part

Ideal For

  • Pneumatic Replacement
  • Smart Processes
  • Delicate Handling

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Orca6 ChassisB Render v2

A 6″ Orca Series Motor