• February 27, 2024

IO SmartHub™: Digital & Analog Made Easy

The Orca IO SmartHub™ simplifies controlling Orca Series motors with bidirectional analog + digital signals & triggers.


The Orca IO SmartHub (IOSH) enables control of any Orca Series motor using analog or digital signals. It provides a simple and robust way to directly control the position target or force output from the motor, or to trigger pre-programmed paths that are saved to the motor. The IOSH provides position and force feedback using separate 4-20 mA outputs and provides a digital error and warning signal. It is intended to provide easy and reliable integration with a wide range of IO devices, including simple switches, PLCs, and microcontrollers.

IO Smarthub Digital & Analog I/O Device - Render

Product Highlights
● One 4-20 mA or 0-20 mA Input
● Two 4-20 mA or 0-20 mA Outputs
● Two 24 V (sinking) Digital Outputs
● Four 24 V (sinking) Digital Inputs
● Galvanic Isolation Between PLC and Motor
● Configurable Input and Output Context
● 5-30 V Supply Range
● 2250 Hz Sampling Rate
● Adjustable Input Range and Sensitivity
● Adjustable Output Range and Sensitivity


IO Smarthub Block Diagram with Galvanic IsolationIO Smarthub Pinout Diagram

Example Applications:

Pneumatic Replacement with Kinematic Control

The IO SmartHub is well suited to integrate Orca Series motors into applications where pneumatic actuators are traditionally used.
The IO SmartHub’s digital inputs combined with the Orca Series motors kinematic mode of operation can emulate and often surpass
pneumatic actuator performance with the exact same control signals. No reprogramming or replacement of active PLC systems
should be necessary.


Polishing or Grinding with Analog Force Control

Configuring the IO SmartHub to convert 4-20 mA inputs into force commands provides a simple way to press an object against a
polishing or grinding surface with adjustable pressure, independent of position.
Recommended wiring for this application is shown in the  IO SmartHub user manual. The analog outputs are optional if the application does not require feedback. Note that the enable input (DI3 / Enable) is required to be high for force output.


IO SmartHub: Effortlessly swap pneumatics for advanced control using existing solenoid signals